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Aalborg, Denmark

InterCollege is a social enterprise within the field of Education and Capacity Development.

The organization was established in Denmark in 2010 with the mission to stimulate global progress built upon international understanding and coherence.

InterCollege aim is to innovate education through:

  • Facilitating bespoke education
  • Being a counterpart to educational providers
  • Mobilizing and connecting People, Ideas and Resources

InterCollege has been active in the youth sector ever since its foundation in 2010, by organising and delivering training courses that aimed at strengthening the capacity of for youth organisations across Europe to provide non-formal education on various themes of European importance such as: European Integration; Human Rights; Sustainable Development; Entrepreneurship; Recognition of Non-formal Education; Project Management for youth organisations; PR and Marketing for youth organisations.

With its training courses, InterCollege reaches annually more than 1000 learners from organisations active in the youth sector within and outside the European Union.

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Derby, United Kingdom

Baby People is a music and arts development organisation

The UK’s first dedicated Hip Hop school which uses art and culture to engage and support the needs of the most deprived in our communities. Baby People believes that art and music can be empowering tools and forms of expression for people in all stages of life.

The focus of the work Baby People does is on artistic excellence. It aspires to push the boundaries, working practices and experiences of all of those it engages, regardless of their entry point.

The organisation is not for profit and all the work it undertakes should be clearly involved in developing culture, the arts and communities. Baby People is led by a board and management team that is made up of artists, arts professionals and young people who advise on Baby Peoples future ventures.

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Ranstadt, Germany

InterBildung is a non-profit registered association established in 2017

The primary goal of InterBildung is to promote education through international cooperation of people. It is aimed to provide interactive exchange of students and trainers, to encourage international mobility in education, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The association fosters exchange of values, innovation, experience as well as acquire of new skills, knowledge and qualifications.

InterBuildung is working in various sectors and offer international mobilities for young people, VET-Students, as well as for adults. With close to 100 mobilities per year, InterBuildung is a steppingstone for education and learning in an international environment.

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Bucharest, Romania

ADEPT is a non-governmental organisation established in 2015 in Bucharest, Romania

ADEPT's (Asociatia de Dezvoltare a Europei Prin Tineri) vision is to provide its members and the local community with oppportunities for personal and professional development.

ADEPT’s purpose is to strenghten the European identity amongst young people and enhance their active participation in the local and European society by delivering activities such as seminars, trainings, local, national and international meetings, youth exchanges that promote the benefits and power of a united, responsible and engaged society.

In the past years, ADEPT has also been partnering with different other stakeholders across the globe in projects related to Global Responsibility, women empowerment, gender equality, cultural learning, as well development of the VET sector

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Kocaeli Region, Turkey

KOCAELI is a public body with a focus on educational institutionsa

Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education (KPDoNE) is a public body that has under its administration 39 pre-school institutions, 229 special needs institutions, 281 primary schools, 235 secondary schools, 62 vocational secondary schools, 4 vocational education centers, 6 teachers’ guest houses, 12 Public Training Centers, 3 Counselling and Research Centers in its region.

Although KPDoNE focuses on educational institutions, their target groups are school students aged 6 to 18, as well as young people aged between 18-30 who are out of school and have distance education.

Additionally, KPDoNE oversees the activities of youth groups organised by the schools in Kocageli region. KPDoNE is also in close cooperation with youth NGOs in the region and offers them support and counselling regarding their educational programmes.

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Wrocław, Lower Silesia region, Poland

Semper Avanti is a youth organisation established in 2001 in Wrocław, Lower Silesia region, Poland

Semper Avanti is a youth organisation based in Wrocław, Lower Silesia region, Poland. The association was established in 2001 and focuses on three main working areas. The first is “Youth in Democracy” which aims to help young people to understand democracy and part of it. Most of the activities are conducted in cooperation with local and regional authorities.

The second focus area is “Youth on the Labour Market” which aims to prepare young people for the challenge of finding their first job and obtaining work experience. This includes organising vocational trainings and internships, both domestic and abroad, training courses on various subjects, developing hard-skills as well as soft-skills like communication, conflict resolution, self-presentation, teamwork, intercultural cooperation etc.

Finally, the third working area of Semper Avanti is “Youth and Tolerance” which promotes amongst young people tolerance, open-mindedness, European integration, cooperation, and cultural diversity. To that aim, the actions are based especially through youth exchanges and voluntary programmes. The association also cooperates with other NGOs in the region on the promotion of volunteering, which results in the annual Lower Silesian Festival of Volunteering.

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